CoinEX 2/24 Breaking news!! BTC rapidly rising! CET also surpassed 0.0070 USDT. Hydro CEO will join Money 2020.

CoinEx・Hydro・BHEX デイリー情報 (2019年3月~)

CoinEX 2/24 Breaking news!!  BTC rapidly rising! CET also surpassed 0.0070 USDT Hydro CEO will join Money 2020. Hello, this is Norihiro. BTC great rising!!!


At 7:00
Invitation fee 10,825 CET
The invitation fee fell to 1.08 million CET. It is the impression that I came back to the bottom. Although it rarely goes down from this line, it seems that if CoinEx itself has not made progress it will be stagnant again. Incidentally, the invitation fee for tomorrow is going to be quite good due to the rapid rise of BTC. CET also surpassed 0.0070 USDT as the market price rose, and it has been  around 0.0073 USDT. Just compared to BCH and BSV, the rate of increase is about half. 


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Ranking 133 (16 ranks up)
Trading volume $ 123,000 (580 thousand up)
Trading volume of CET $ 80,000 (upwards of 4.5 million)

TOP 10 regular BInance is 890 million dollars, about 20% higher than the previous day. CoinEx is also 540,000 up as well as 1.23 million dollars. The ranking also returns to 133th place. The transaction volume of CET also doubled from the previous day to 80 thousand dollars. It is a little more than 100,000 dollars, which is a good indicator for good times. . Hydro … although the volume increases, the price does not change. Is the influence of CoinEx limited in the fourth transaction amount following Bitforex, Bittrex, upbit, about 5% of the whole transaction?
By currencies, the rise in Nano / 7th , EOS / 10th , 11th , Qtum / 13th . Doge got worse, CTXC / 25th  is ranked in after a while. The anonymous currencies such as Zcash and Monero have calmed down for the past two months. Especially, Monero does not pay much volume.


Viat’s Volume is under TOP50…. It is 4,500 dollars, slightly higher than the previous day, USDT pair / 88th , BTC pair 93rd .

③Hydro CEO Mike will join money2020

CEO Mike will join Money 2020 Asia in Singapore on 19-21 March. Money 2020 is held in four areas every year (Asia, Europe, China, USA) . Hydrogen participated in USA’s  (Las Vegas) in October 2018.the first KYC introduction partner was announced at that time. CEO Mike is also busy flying around the world. Probably it seems that many DAs will follow him. Maybe he is not a speaker but a general participation. Because people who are familiar with fintech join this meeting  all over the world, it is a good opportunity for various meeting settings to be set! Molecure ‘s announcement may be around here as well.


There is no event on 2/24. Today is Indonesian Independence Day of Estonia (1918), and Premium Friday was held for the first time in Japan. I want you to become a premium exchange, CoinEx ….

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