CoinEX 2/23速報 DOGE取引高上昇中 CardのDiscordに参加できました!

CoinEx ルール 配当 (~2019年3月)

CoinEX 2/23 breaking News!!  DOGE transaction rising up,  I was able to join Card Discord! Hello, this is Norihiro. Every currency seems to have a lot of Funda until March .


At 7:00
Invitation fee 16, 209 CET
The invitation fee is 16,000 CET. Falling down to the top of 2/19 . It may be a convincing figure under the current situation. CET is around 0.0070 USDT. I hope it will rise all the time (lol: one VIAT settled at 1.39% on the previous day with the momentary rise up to 0.0078 USDT, which has continued for both currencies..


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Rank 149 (down 1 rank)
Trading volume $ 660,000 (down 400,000)
Trade volume of CET $ 45,000 (down 245,000)

BInance’s trading volume is 640 million US dollars, down from the previous day by 140 million dollars. There was a BTT transaction volume event from February 22, but the initial movements are dull and transaction volume is weaker than I thought. Well, since the period lasts for a week, will it gradually rise?

CoinEx was down 40% compared with the previous day, it was 690,000 dollars, and the ranking also returned to 149 in place. The 149th rank is the lowest ranking reported in the daily …. Well, it is tough.
DOGE / 2nd and Dash / 3rd plunge. It is often said that alto coin will come after DOGE moves. As in 2018. and if you follow the Funda, properly it will be a reasonable result. Zcash, OMG multiple pair rank in is also noticeable.There is not much transaction volume … Hydro got up little by little. It has been shifting at 35 → 40 → 39 suatoshi.


VIAT, trading volume is $ 3,500. It is half further than the previous day.ViaBTC’s latest announcement is as follows.


The celebration article (on Weibo) of Lantern Festival in Taiwan (2/19 ~). Although there is the same one on Twitter, Weibo(Chinese SNS) was hosting a small plan to present Hoodie by lottery among users who commented! Hoodie, the same one that I was gifted by them. It seems that about 50 comments are also attached. Apart from whether there are a lot of comments or not … there are still users who have much interested in CoinEx, ViaBTC.

I was able to join the CARD Discord!

I was able to successfully register to Discord of Cardstack ,I was interested and applying for before! The demonstration movie of Card Folio App aiming for Web 3.0 (CEO Chris and technology Hassan) was very interesting. (This video is a publicly-released video on the Cardstack channel.) Hassan, was he nervous at the beginning, his face is rigid (lol.

And what surprised me most  is the amount of pull requests. A pull request for sharing & verification to other users using Github. It will be sent in 3 to 10 notifications (BOT) everyday. I have seen Github of multiple projects, but this is the first time so frequent. Although I can not look through each pull request yet,  it seems that development of many projects are going well. There is Japanese conversation space, too! Participation in Github itself is permission system so I do not know how far we can talk but I would like to tell as much as possible.

There are no events for 2/23. It seems today is the day of Mt. Fuji and the day of the furoshiki (Do you kow “furoshiki? Let’s google it !!).

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