CoinEX 2/22速報 CET間もなく0.0070USDTへ Hydro 新WebサイトのSneakpeek公開

CoinEx・Hydro・BHEX デイリー情報 (2019年3月~)

CoinEX 2/22 Breaking News  !!!  CET Soon to 0.0070 USDT .Hydro new website Sneakpeek released. Hello, this is Norihiro. Every currency seems to have a lot of Funda until March .



At 7:00
Invitation fee 20,903 CET
Invitation fee up to 20,000. Since there are not any events in particular, it will go down to the  10,000 units. CET rose to 0.0074 USDT at the moment with big buying around 18 o’clock. Although it became a high price since 1/27, it was unable to endure and it stalled.  Soon the price of CET seems to overtake that of VIAT.


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Rank 141 (3 ranks down)
Trading volume $ 106 million (250 thousand down)
Trading volume of CET $ 290,000 (up 140 thousand)

The trading volume in Binance  is 780 million dollars. This is the average in Feb.

However, BTT trading volume competition will be held from 2/22 to 3/1. Under the cooperation of TRX, it is big event. With this, the volume of BTT will also increase and Binance ‘s trading Volume will reach at 1 billion dollars. CoinEx’s BTT wallet is in maintenance, so this event don’t affect CoinEx Volume.The transaction volume of CoinEx is 1.6 million dollars. The ranking is also 141th place. The transaction volume of CET has continued to increase.In terms of currencies, TRN soared to TOP 4. XRP, LTC are also good. Hydro … take a rest too much. (Lol.


VIAT, trading volume has been around 9000 dollars. It is good that the transaction volume of USDT pair has increased, but the transaction volume of BCH pair and BTC pair is decreasing.

③Binance DEX,Binance chain のテスト版公開 (2/21分再掲)

Binance ChainとDExのデモ版が公開となりました。


ウォレットへのアクセスとしては①パスワード等の入ったファイルをダウンロード②Ledger使用③シードワード(Mnemonic Pharse)④Privatekeyと複数あり。ほかのウォレット等でもシードワードを使った事はあまりない(複数回あったら逆に困ります(笑))のが普通だと思われますので、一度シードワードの使用を体験してみるのもよいかもしれませんね。取引板は非常にスムーズでした。TRXやETHが活発に取引がされていました。
Binance取引所にアカウントがあり、かつBNBを保有していれば、このDEXで使えるテスト版BNBが貰えるようです。DEXTOPに「get BNB」がありますので、そちらからどうぞ!

Hydro 新Websiteのsneakpeek公開

Project-Hydro anounced sneakpeek  of the new website. Web design team Good work! It is difficult to see things crearly because switching is too fast … I can see the explanation of the road map from  1st to 6th phases and see  the astronaut standing in the moon with the Hydro flag. It looks like the  movie  show and it’s cool! Astronaut, Moon, Rocket….. I can image easily, Hydro will moon.(Lol. 
There is no event on 2/22. It is a cat day. In addition, Zoro eyes. Speaking of Zoro eyes, event holding is the market price … Do you have anything to write down?

未上場通貨6種類の上場(2018年中)⇒1/15 XTZ上場!残り5通貨

CoinEx ルール解説 10/1対応最新板 (CETロックマイニング終了・長期配当・VIPなど網羅)