CoinEX 2/21速報 Hydro JOYSO 取引所へ上場! Binance DEX&Binance Chain テストリリース

CoinEx・Hydro・BHEX デイリー情報 (2019年3月~)

CoinEX 2/21 preliminary report Listed on Hydro JOYSO exchange! Binance DEX & Binance Chain test release. Hello, this is Norihiro. The title has become more than CoinEx anymore … Oh well.


At 7:00
Invitation fee 30,875 CET
Invitation fee is managed to keep 30,000 CET level. We continue to be in good shape. CET from mystery at 18 o’clock to a downhill line. It is hard to recover 0.0070 USDT. VIAT has a big sell at 18 o’clock. It falls to about 0.0074 USDT and Yoko Yoko continues. After a while at a certain time, VIAT <CET has never become a price, do you? If that happens … then the possibility of VIAT last time ….


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Rank 138 (3 ranks down)
Trading volume $ 123,000 (250 thousand down)
Trading volume of CET $ 150,000 (same)

TOP 10 regular BInance broke $ 1 billion to 970 million dollars. CoinEx also decreased by 250 thousand to 1.23 million dollars, ranking number 138. I do not want you to return to the position of 148th place every year …. The bright topic is that the volume of transactions has declined, but the transaction volume of CET is still strong as usual. If it is over 100,000 dollars, it is such a number that you can expect. Were not you considering leverage transactions in memories of distant days? Watakushi is also waiting waiting for leverage transaction at the exchange named OverBit and polishing his arm (there is no such arm). I want some event. OverBit, now you can play for free with margin 0.01 BTC. It is also good to correspond to Japanese! Three times, five times as much leverage can be experienced with a small amount, so those who have never experienced leverage yet are welcome! ! Be careful not to overdo over Leva.

By currency QTUM / BCH has risen rapidly to TOP 4. There is DOGE in 34th place, but I have a feeling that I steadily aim at the top. Although I paid a lot on BTT, there is hardly any transaction volume for Wallet because I am maintaining it. Well, this is a waste.


VIAT, trading volume adheres to 10 thousand dollars, but it may back to 5 hundred dollars…… .CODY, ZIL, OMG, MT are conspicuous.

③Binance DEX,Binance chain のテスト版公開

Create your own wallet (or substitute with Leather Nano) and use DEX. There is also a dedicated tutorial and easy to understand & you can create a wallet any number of times.
For access to Wallet: ① Download file containing password etc ② Ledger use ③ Seed word (Mnemonic Pharse) ④ Privatekey and more. Since it seems that it is normal to not use seed words in other wallets etc. (If there is more than one times, it is troubled in reverse (lol)), it is good to try using seed words once It may be. The trading board was very smooth. TRX and ETH were actively trading.
If there is an account on the Binance exchange and possessing BNB, it seems that you can get a test version BNB that can be used with this DEX. There is “get BNB” in DEXTOP, please come from there!

Hydro listing on JOYSO exchange!

JOYSO is a DEX exchange just in June 2018. I do not even know DAs & JOYSO I have not heard from the administration, but I was unlawfully listed! There are DEX (JOYSO) of the Early Chain and DEX (TRON JOYSO) of the TRON chain. It is usually JOYSO if you listed Hydro. Usually JOYSO has a pair of Ethernet and TUSD. According to Coingecko, the total trading volume of the exchange is 100 dollars at 24 h … is it still to come? Because partner has TRON, Twitter also followed Mr. Justin.

There is no event on February 21. This blog that the density of CoinEx gradually decreases … ….

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