CoinEX 2/19速報 市場が動く! 取引高4倍へ!! BTC急騰。BCH上昇。ETH急騰。

CoinEx ルール 配当 (~2019年3月)

CoinEX 2/19 flash news market moves! To transaction volume 4 times! ! Soaring BTC. BCH rise. ETH soaring. Hello, this is Norihiro. This volatility, again cryptic asset (lol.


招待報酬 13,752CET
Invitation fee is 13,000 CET.It has recovered a little. From the numerical value of tomorrow it will be affected by the market boom. I am looking forward to seeing 40,000 CET units for the first time in a while. BTC has soared from 2/18 night to late night + market reacts too close to the ETH hard fork and the whole area has increased in transaction volume + price rise. The illusion that makes the trend change at a stretch, is the real value of the virtual currency. Although there is no material in particular, both CET and VIAT have gotten overflowing and have risen by about 5%. I am wasteful, I would like you to bring the materials at this timing and go off with more work.


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Ranking 125th (23 ranks up)
Trading volume $ 2.3 million (1.8 million up)
Trading volume of CET $ 120,000 (up 10.3 thousand)TOP 10 regular BInance doubles 1.3 billion dollars than the previous day! It is after a long absence of one billion dollars. Even with the leveraged exchanges, the second place in volume is a truly one word. I adore you ~. CoinEx has also increased its trading volume by more than 4 times to 2.3 million dollars and ranking up to 125th place. Trading volume of CET is 9 times as much as the previous day and it is tough thing. If there are such numbers, CoinEx will be excited a bit more.
In terms of currencies, ETH’s multiple pairs rise seems as well, but second place EOS / BTC is targeting. It is unusual for OMG to enter TOP 50 with multiple pairs. Hydro / BTC is 30th. Relatively Hydro / BTC goes down as BTC rises … It is quite frustrating.


VIAT, day 4 demoted from TOP 50. I came to the right place. VIAT / BCH 56th place, VIAT / USDT 59th place, a bit more. Trading volume is also worth ten thousand dollars as compared to the previous day. There is no description in CMC, but LFC showed a surge of over 35% at the moment.

③Try Hydro Snowflake Demo再掲)

Snowflake Demo version of Snowmo I tweeted James Morillo’s Hydro summary article and taught himself. Unlike the beta version, this is what the developer Noah develops independently. I tried immediately! Please link from here!
First of all, it is from making avatar. It is an avatar of the sun that I introduced earlier. It is the one and only thing linked to EIN (Ethreum Identity Number). Select Generate Avator.


Before creating avatar, Mr. Noah gifts 10,000 Hydro. This is for rinkedby (Hydro for testing), so sorry. (Lol.


Actually the avatar was made! Click on the image to switch avatar, you can choose whatever you like. After selection, proceed to Enter Dashboard.


It is a home screen. There are Wallet and Store tabs! In Wallet, if you are an EIN user you can remit money with just EIN …. I have not tried it yet. Norihiro’s EIN became 443.


Go to the Store. Here you can demonstrate dApps to buy stalls (chairs) using Hydro token. The price is 1DAI. It is not a Hydro token.


It is a purchase screen at once. The price was 1DAI, but this is done by Hydro using UniSwap and ERC 1484 alliance with you, and we are doing atmic swap to Hydro⇒DAI automatically. 1DAI = 166 Hydro. The price of the chair has become 166 Hydro token. Cheap (lol: Then I will BUY.


A transaction was created and I was able to successfully purchase it. History has appeared in Transfer History! Transactions can also be confirmed. After confirming, it is one action but three transactions were attached. I think that you can check here yourself. I understand the mechanism of Uniswap .
As of now, it is a demo like this. The current beta version will appear as such UI, UX. I’m thrilled.

④Project-Hydro Congrats!! 1year anniversary(2/17再掲)

2/17 of furniture a year ago, the Hydro token which had been burning out for developers has reached the deadline, and the Hydro project started. At that time, the block chain division which Hydrogen had yet, now it is expanded to transfer it to Project-Hydro. I am waiting for dApp store implementation. I look forward to working with you!
There is no particular event on February 19. ETH was re-soaring after postponed hard fork. The fork is scheduled for the end of February. CoinEx is also planned.

未上場通貨6種類の上場(2018年中)⇒1/15 XTZ上場!残り5通貨

CoinEx ルール解説 10/1対応最新板 (CETロックマイニング終了・長期配当・VIPなど網羅)