How to get information on Hydro more efficiently

HYDRO プロダクツ 解説

Hello, this is Norihiro. Hydro has great  amount of information, but it is  too much to see all. For Hydrogen, Project-Hydro, many SNS and media are registered and operated as official. As a Hydra ( named hodl hydro Token)  we want to know more information  as we can ! So I made the route of information dissemination at 25th December 2018.
I’m writing this article for users who would like to collect information on Hydro from now. And it is subjectivity to the last. Please acknowledge that  it may not be enough for core hydro holders LOl.

◆what is Hydrogen

As a company specializing in Fintech, it consists of mainly two projects.


There are Core Teams, DAs, Hydrogen Community Sales Program(HCSP) as an organization.

【Hydrogen(api)】The members are the core team (with many initial members). Mr. CEO MIKE, sales, strategy, product, development (development is Project-Hydro and concurrent Noah), “atom” team is included. It is the part that mainly operates the company called Hydrogen. There are salaries respectively.Currently, it may be considered as other than the “Project-Hydro division” described later.
【Project-Hydro (formerly Hydro Community)】
It is a department specialized in block chain development. Development of six categories of Raindrop, SnowFlake, Ice, Tide, Mist, Hail belongs to this category. Originally Raindrop, until Snow Flake Hydrogen has been the main development and development. In order to accelerate development and expand the market, the block chain division will be restructured as one department.Hydro Ambassador (DAs) has been delegated the authority drastically from the core team and the members started operation in autumn of 2018. In addition, a certain number also Hydro token Hydrogen was held of which are assigned to Project-Hydro team, are stored in separate address, it has decided to be used in the project.At the end of December, governance building · job title & role has been decided. Those who want to check details can do from the following. ◆ Project Hydro By-Laws (System, Internal Regulations in general):

President (DAsの長)Robert Kodra氏
Vice President(DAsの副長)Joel Kite氏
Treasurer(会計) Saurav Kumar氏
Secretary(書記) Jason Garland氏

Rough job title
Officer (upper middle part of the figure): Management of the entire project. President, Vice President, Treasurer selected in the DAs election is applicable. Everyone is DA. The secretary position will also participate as necessary. We will manage the Hydro token separate from the protocol team and use it for HCDP tasks and events etc.

◆ Protocol Team (upper left corner of the figure): Co-CEO Kane Brothers, Andy, Mr. Noah, Mr. Anurag, Ms. Shane (other than the CEO) have the roadmap adjustment and protocol level infrastructure Engage. It is a so-called core team. The above six people are 【The founding Protocol team】, initial members. Addition of Protocol team will be decided by application & election. We also manage the Hydro token for the Protocol team. It seems like your opinion number ~.

◆ Cordinator DA (lower left of the figure): It is a temporary position. As a direct report to Vice President, we will be convened whenever VicePresident is deemed necessary.

◆ Each division: 1 department leader in charge of administration, HCDP / DEV, PR & CM, Partnership, Marketing, UI, oversees departments. Eight member DAs of the initial member were selected by the protocol team. DAs has a maximum frame size of 50 people, and in order to become DAs after that, it will be an election with existing DAs.

In addition, HCDP (subsidy program) proposed DAs & nearby people can not apply, there are multiple election methods (unanimous, majority etc), proposals etc are managed by HRC (Hydro Request for commnets), do not work properly DAs are dismissed … All governance is decided all at once.

Regarding the development of the block chain, it seems that Mr. Noah, who is the core team, is concurrently concurrently working, but it seems that there are multiple engineers on the DAs. As for the role of DAs, it covers a wide range of activities such as community management such as SNS, coordination with other exchanges regarding listing of Hydro token, arrangement of events, etc. DAs are also salary, but payment is Hydro token in the range that I know.

【HCSP(Hydrogen Community Sales Program)】
Ten people were chosen this autumn as the first step. It is a sales specialist, mainly selling project-Hydro products to companies. Although it is not direct employment, there are incentives for product adoption. It was first elected as a Japanese 雨弓さん

I am enrolled. It receives various kinds of training and spreads Hydro to the world. I am proud! ! !

Based on the above, I’ll organize the route of information.

◆Telegram (information center)

Originally Hydrogen (api) was the main, but with the expansion of the block chain department, it is now mainly used as an account of Project-Hydro. Telegram management is DAs, but Hydrogen itself is also announced, including CEO MIKE and development Noah participating. It is positioned as the center of information in Hydro.
In admin, it is DAs that [DAs] [DA] is attached to the name, so it might be good for listening to things related to the block chain! !WS000014

Both the core team and DAs share this telegram. The speed of updating is about the same as Medium, Twitter, which is the article source, and it is early (bodily sensation). Since most of the information goes through the telegram, we recommend that you participate in the meaning that information is being aggregated. In addition, Mr. CEO MIKE is nicknamed “BOSS” in the telegram and boasts tremendous popularity. As this big tie-up, surprisingly comments on surprises and information, it is better to participate in that meaning! !

In the official telegram, the topic of price, persistent listing is not good. Although it is informal, you can use semi-official .
Also, official administration (admin) will not issue PM (private mail) to individuals. Do not respond to PMs from unknown users (fake admins who mimic the official admin image).

◆more public, Twitter

hydrogen、Project-Hydro has different account.

There is also an account called HydroCommunity, but it is an evolving absorption in Project-Hydro and it is not currently used (the account itself exists). Also, the Account for DAs Hydro-ambassador has an image specialized specifically for DAs information.

Each account will do its own tweet, but since we retweet (do not do) each article, it is difficult to put together the information, when the information is lots it is a bit annoying and the eyes turn around (laugh.
As early as the information, Twitter is the original article, of course early, Medium, if the original article is a little slow feeling. Nonetheless, Twitter is the main reason why you can tell even users who do not know Hydro, so that’s the attraction.


◆Medium, very important media

hydrogen、Project-Hydro has different account.

Hydro frequently uses the Web (blog) service called Medium. You are using it like a press release. Weekly update (project, development update etc.) is Medium main. It is very handy because it is taken as one information in a week. Also, in the case of a large partnership, the likelihood of outgoing Medium is high. Of course, in the case of Medium calling, you can know the information before telegram and Twitter. Alarm setting with application specialized for Medium is possible, so please take a look if you are interested. Also, the progress of [atom], which has not been disseminated much on Twitter and telegrams, has also been updated. It is essential for those who want to understand the whole.

◆Instagram,facebook not often updated, but many pictures .

Currently there is one account for each SNS. It seems that it is using dual-use. There are not many update frequencies, but pictures that are not posted on Twitter or telegrams are going up. Perhaps it is good for people who want to see the members’ true looks, those who want to feel Hydro’s corporate style.


Hydrogen, Project – Hydro is currently used for both. Since it is basically a tool for developers, exchange of opinions is active in the category of Hydro-dev. PetFriend Resolver, which became a topic of SnowFlake’s Dapps the other day, is outgoing here! Mr. CEO Mr. MIKE, Mr. Noah also often gives his face.

Each has an account. Originally started from Hydrogen (api), Project-Hydro accounts increased as the scale expanded. From now on, it seems that brainstorming and HCDP (development subsidy project) will be operated at Project-Hydro, such as atom and ERC 1484 progress at hydrogen (api).

What did you think. It is about a month after Project-Hydro has started to operate and it is in transition period. Although it is a bit complicated, I think that it will be consolidated from now.
Follow me for the time being (Twitter first, register the telegram first, then Medium.) If you want to know the code and Solidity, will you be looking at Github, etc. If you can afford Discord, Facebook, instagram, now Github We will gradually get higher, but since we think that the main points of the phase after the HCDP and Ice, and the requirement definition will be transmitted from here.

Finally, all links raised so far are official (supproter telegrams for price etc. are semi-official). It is fateful for high-profile projects, but many Scam and fake sites appear. Please follow the link from the official website or telegram! ! !