CoinEX 2/18速報 Hydro SnowflakeDemo を試してみた

CoinEx・Hydro・BHEX デイリー情報 (2019年3月~)

CoinEX 2/18 Breaking News Hydro Snowflake Demo I tried Hello, this is Norihiro. Hydro’s topics are many, it is good, is it good?


At 7:00
Invitation fee 9,955 CET
Invitation fee divided by 10,000 CET. It is the fourth time since 2/8. The tough situation does not change …? Both CET and VIAT have a large wave once from 18 o’clock to 21 o’clock, but this is linked to BTC, and not something material has come out. Subtle development continues.


CoinMarketCap 24h Trading volume (previous day comparison
Ranking 148 (same)
Trading volume $ 500,000 (up 90,000)
Trading volume of CET $ 17,000 (up 4 thousand)
TOP 10 regular BInance increased by 40% compared with the previous day to 670 million dollars.

This is TOP 10 of Binance, but the transaction volume of STORJ (storage) is rising. As with BTT, the volume of transactions is still strong. Price … Is there a second party from now on? There are quite a lot of GAS transaction volumes ~. Although it derailed, CoinEx slightly increased and ranked still unchanged 148th. It’s been 148 more for a while. Well, Mr. 148, (haha.
By currency, NEO is entering TOP 10 after a long absence. Is 13th place of DOGE, 48th place of NOBS stand out?

It is TOP 50 of CoinGekco.

Disappearance from VIAT, TOP 50. This is the third time since the beginning of the year. It is tough. There is BTC, USDT pair in 86th and 88th place, total transaction volume is 1000 dollars. I am about pocket money degree. I’d like to expect hitting ….

③Hydro  Snowflake Demo Snowmo.ioを試してみた

Snowflake Demo version of Snowmo I tweeted James Morillo’s Hydro summary article and taught himself. Unlike the beta version, this is what the developer Noah develops independently. I tried immediately! Please link from here!
First of all, it is from making avatar. It is an avatar of the sun that I introduced earlier. It is the one and only thing linked to EIN (Ethreum Identity Number). Select Generate Avator.


Before creating avatar, Mr. Noah gifts 10,000 Hydro. This is for rinkedby (Hydro for testing), so sorry. (Lol.


Actually the avatar was made! Click on the image to switch avatar, you can choose whatever you like. After selection, proceed to Enter Dashboard.


It is a home screen. There are Wallet and Store tabs! In Wallet, if you are an EIN user you can remit money with just EIN …. I have not tried it yet. Norihiro’s EIN became 443.


Go to the Store. Here you can demonstrate dApps to buy stalls (chairs) using Hydro token. The price is 1DAI. It is not a Hydro token.


It is a purchase screen at once. The price was 1DAI, but this is done by Hydro using UniSwap and ERC 1484 alliance with you, and we are doing atmic swap to Hydro⇒DAI automatically. 1DAI = 166 Hydro. The price of the chair has become 166 Hydro token. Cheap (lol: Then I will BUY.


A transaction was created and I was able to successfully purchase it. History has appeared in Transfer History! Transactions can also be confirmed. After confirming, it is one action but three transactions were attached. I think that you can check here yourself. I understand the mechanism of Uniswap ~.
As of now, it is a demo like this. The current beta version will appear as such UI, UX. I’m thrilled.

④Project-Hydro 1周年おめでとう!(2/17再掲)

2/17 of furniture a year ago, the Hydro token which had been burning out for developers has reached the deadline, and the Hydro project started. At that time, the block chain division which Hydrogen had yet, now it is expanded to transfer it to Project-Hydro. I am waiting for dApp store implementation. I look forward to working with you!

There is no particular event on 2/17. It became Hydro times. I’d like CoinEx times to come back soon. Please give me some material. Please go back to 100th place.

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